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    Exporting Fireworks CS5 file to Photoshop... simple, right?


      The last time I looked into this, there wasn't an easy way. I'm hoping for something different this time around... I have a layered Fireworks .png made up of the following, which I am trying to export to Photoshop so that someone else can make edits.

      1. 13 pages
      2. Groups that contain various combinations of text, vector, and bitmap images
      3. Symbols that contain text, vector, and bitmap images


      For issue #1 above, I already know that I'll have to export each page as an individual photoshop file... my 5MB file now is suddenly going to be some gigantic .zip archive of 13 .psd files. It's not ideal, but I can live with that. If there's another way that I am not aware of, I would love to hear about it.


      Issue #2 is a pain, but again I can live with it. I just have to ungroup everything and deal with messy layers, or spend time creating sub-layers, so that the text would remain editable in photoshop. I haven't looked into exporting editable vector because it's a lower priority at this point.


      Issue #3 is a HUGE pain. All symbols export to photoshop as a flattened bitmap image, which means that I have to go into my efficiently organized Fireworks file and replace *every* *single* *symbol* with a bunch of objects! This sucks big time because now my layers suddenly get much more messy and the file more complex.


      What I would love to see is for #2, groups, and #3, symbols, to just be exported into Photoshop as Smart Objects, so that I'm not sitting here wasting my time making my efficiently organized Fireworks file into a messy and bloated one just so that I can export it in an editable format.


      I surely can't be the only person who's had to deal with this issue can I?