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    creating AIR from flash CS5 and converting to .APK ''works" but fails on device

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      Bear with me plse because its a bit of a reader


      specs: using Flash CS5 & Flex builder 4.5 & Air 2.7.1, trying to deploy a flash app to an android tab device.


      Im trying to develop a flash multitouch app for the samsung galaxy tab(my test device) and others like that.

      The .swf is coming along and multitouch is great; flash rules if it comes to rapid application development.


      Deploying it on the device as an .swf and using a flashplayer from the android  market results in the screen trying to resize/zoom when using more than one finger.


      Trying to solve this I published it as a Flash AIR file and used the Flex builder to convert it to an .APK for the device; hoping that disabeling the resize options in the air settings would allow me to move two fingers over the screen without this fun-spoiling effect.


      This is where I got lost.

      The generated .swf works fine in the flash player on the device and on the pc.


      When using flex builder to create the .APK i discovered(with some help from googling)that the Flash CS generated XML file had version 2.0 for the xmlns; also it generates a Version attribute in the XML that needed to be changed to versionNumber.

      Creating the XML from Flex builder would upset Flash in that it would fail building the AIR file. Precreating the XML by starting from FLash CS5 would create an AIR file that works great on the PC, but then generating the .APK would fail on the XML requiring a version number higer then 2.0 and VersionNumber instead of Version attribute.

      Manually changing these in the XML in Flex wouold sucsessfully generate a .APK but when deployed on the device, it just produced a blank screen. Trying a tabbed template for the xmlns it would show the tab title but the rest stays white.


      Tinkering with the xml, although generating an .APK file, obviously is not working.


      So my question is: Is there an incompatibility issue between my flash cs5 and my flex builder that causes this?

      I'm using the trial versions so my time testing is limited.

      If I cannot determine if flash will be adequate for my project; performance wise but foremost because of the multitouch zoom thingy, I do not have the guts or money atm. to just buy it and see what happens.
      I am a one person company and investing in flash without beeing able to use it for mobile deployment is, at least for now, not an option.


      My other option is 'regressing' to mobile java or c++ but i would really like to be able to use flash for its creative and graphic capabilities to

      speed up the development cycle.


      Please help me if there is something im doing wrong so I can get a simple .fla thru the flex builder to a working .apk on my devices.


      Highest regards,