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    Fixing audio issue


      Hi guys,


      I have my recording rig setup like this:


      Camera- Canon ZR80 Firewire

      Audio- Tascam Us-144


      Im working on a fun christmas video for work today and did a lot of recording where I recorded the video directly into premiere and then used the audio console to record audio directly in. I tested this earlier and was able to seemlessly sync the audio and the video without a hitch using a clap track.


      However, After recording earlier using the same settings, my audio recorded slower than the video. When I try to line up the clap tracks, they will not sync right at all. The audio tracks recorded at 41000Khz if that helps.


      The audio from the camera will work if it has to be I would ideally like to be able to use the audio I recorded from the Tascam as the quality is WAY better. Is there any way to get these to sync up or make the audio playback at the correct speed?

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          Andrey V Level 2

          You can try to addjust your bit rate in Adobe Audition, or try to speed it up in Premiere. Typicaly you will need to speed it up just 1% or less, and then sync it.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Neither the bit depth (NOT the same at bit rate) nor the sampling rate will affect playback speed.  The former primarily determines dynamic range, the later sets the highest reproducible frequency.


            1 second of audio is 1 second of audio, regardless of the bit depth or sampling rate.  What makes that 1 second recorded on a digital audio device play at a different speed is that for some reason, audio device manufacturers seem to have no set standard for crystal timing. Unlike DV cameras which all record at the exact same speed, audio devices seem to vary.