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    Button Graphics in Mobile Applications

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      I want to use a series of custom graphics in buttons on my mobile app which will be for IPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. Can I use the standard jpg or png images to do the job or do I need to go the whole fxg skinning route? What is the difference in impact between the two choices.


      Dan Pride

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          kraikit Level 2

          Hi Dan,


          Your choice of how to represent your graphics is going to depend entirely on your needs, but some factors to consider:


          • FXGs are usually smaller in footprint than the equivalent PNG/JPEG
          • if you're using vector art, FXGs are by far the way to go; bitmaps, probably PNGs; photos, probably JPEGs
          • if you need scaling, FXGs and PNGs both support scale grids
          • FXG vector drawing is subject to player rendering features and issues, whereas a PNG bitmap won't have those issues but of course will not handle scaling as well




          -- Tom