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    3D photoshop file to After Effects live photoshop 3D help CS5!


      please help,


      I can make my photoshop 3D logo but I try to open the .PSD in After Effects and change it to a compossision and enable live photoshop 3D, but when I open the comp its just a 2D picture and only has 1 layer and no cameras. My 3D logo is from a imported .jpg that I made in illustrator. I select it then make a repousse and it works but the problem is importing to AE. I've tried 3D > Export > 3D file saved as photoshop format, and I've tried saving as just a psd but they both do the same thing. All I get is a psd in after effects with only 1 layer containing my logo in 2D on a white background.


      please help! what am I doing wrong?


      much appreciation.