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    Tough Question: Retaining Template files from FTP


      Firstly I would like to say Hi to anyone reading this thread, I am new to the forum and hope to help out as much as I can while getting the help I need!


      With that aside here is my problem.


      I have taken over the development of a company website and have just found out the previous developer had very little to transfer over.  I could pretty much grab everything I needed once I got FTP access.  However, I cannot locate or get my hands on the Template files used to create the site.


      The site was created in goLive which I don't think exists anymore.  I can see on all the htm pages the Template file being used but I can't locate the file anywhere on the server.


      I was under the assumption you need the template files on the server, maybe this wasn't the case in the goLive days??


      The only thing I've noticed MIGHT be why they aren't required is ALL the pages (htm files) have the full coding of the template at the top of the page (and in the footer). It's grayed out and non-editable but it seems to compile.


      My questions are,


      1) Can someone enlighten me on this issue (should I be looking elsewhere for the Template files)?

      2) Would it be bad practice if I took one of the pages, Detached it from the template, deleted the content then created a template from that file?


      Sorry if my problem is confusing, I tried to explain it the best I can!


      Thanks for reading and look forward to your response,