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    Gateway seem to working ad-normally in ES2 SP2

    Bill P. Chie Level 1

      Dear all,


      We are using Gateway with setting NO-WAIT to send notification to user.

      (e.g. After a email approval, we will send notification form to user so he/she have record what is approved)


      If the flow look like this


      <Do something A>  ---gateway---> <Assign Task> ---gateway---> <Do something B>


      In ES1 it will run in sequence like that:

      1) Run <Do something A>

      2) Run <Assign Task> (But will not wait because it is in gateway with NO-WAIT setting)

      3) Run <Do something B>


      But in ES2 SP2, it look like:

      1) Run <Do something A>

      2) Run <Do something B>

      3) Run <Assign Task>


      Where the behavior is difference then in ES1, and the most horrible things is it is kind of random, if there are B to Z after the gateway, it can fire anyway between B to Z.


      Already open a case with support with no solution so far, any workaound will be welcome.


      Thanks in advance



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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Activities placed inside Gateways will be executed within a different thread. You can not control the behaviour of the execution.


          i.e After <Do something A>, there will be two threads running at the same time. We may not know which thread will gain access first and which one follows next. That's the nature of Java Multithreading.


          If you run the same process several times, you may find that the <Assign Task> executed before <Do something B>.