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    MYTHBUSTING! CS5 works pretty well on a single HD or shared network RAID array - Why?

    JEShort01 Level 4

      Just for fun and out of curiosity, I just ran PPBM5 on a fast PC (i7-970 @ 4.2GHz, 24GB RAM, GTX 480 video, SSD OS/Programs array) with:


      1) All CS5 related files on a single Hitachi 2TB 7200rpm 7K3000 drive (project, media cache, scratch, output, etc.)


      PPBM5 composite = 185 (disk 87, dvd = 27, blu-ray = 64, MPE = 7); that's really not too bad!


      2) Next, I tried running CS5 with all PPBM files (except output files) on a network drive and that worked pretty well too! Files were on a single partition (oooh, another no-no, the array has 9 partitions) on a Win7 workgroup shared PC; array is a 3 drive RAID 5 array. Output files from AME were saved locally to a 2TB Hitachi drive (sending output files on the shared drive added 100 seconds to the disk IO score):


      PPBM5 composite = 186 (disk = 92, dvd = 27, blu-ray = 61, MPE = 6)


      The network hardware is nothing fancy (no network card teaming, just two PC's connected to our home network using CAT5 and a Dell 2724 unmanaged Gigabit switch).


      MS Word and Internet Explorer were running during the test; Sophos virus protection was active; clock and calendar gagets were up; desktop is dual monitor 1600x1200 setup.


      Premiere Pro seemed very healthy and normal during both tests, although not as snappy to call up files, open projects, etc. as when I am using my normal 8x1TB RAID 5 local storage CS5 array. Scrubbing and playback were just fine with the PPBM5 timeline.


      Should I say why did both of these tests work so well?


      Or, is the question why do forum participants and Adobe's guides say not to expect CS5 to work well for either situation?


      Let the theories begin!