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    PP CS5 and Kona LHi Issue


      Before I begin, I have a support ticket in with Aja regarding this.


      Just installed a Kona LHi in my MacPro. I'm also running CS5 with a Black Magic card on a PC that is giving me zero issues.


      Card is connected SDI and we only capture SD content.

      Card is working and has no conflicts, I've since been asked by Aja to downgrade to the 8.1.2 drivers from their current 9.0.3 drivers, but it didn't fix problem.


      Project sequence is a standard Aja widescreen DV preset 1.2121

      Capture settings are set to 720x420 WIDE.

      Clip comes into the timeline "scaled" to window size (regardless of "scale footage" as delfault being checked in preferences) and project browser reads the footage as anamorphic 0.9091 (whether this matters or not?)


      When exporting media, the preview window now shows the footage still anamorphic, with pillars.

      If I go back to the timeline and actually select the clip in the preview window, the preview shrinks back to anamorphic. The problem here is I have to manually scale the project width to make the export fit to widescreen.


      When I do exactly the same workflow (which is the way I've always been doing it) on the PC, capturing on either the Black Magic or Matrox card with a widescreen setting, the footage always remains wide even in the project and exporting media has always displayed the footage wide. Also, on PC PP the browser will display the footage with proper ratio. On the Mac regardless if I capture 4:3 or Wide, the project browser always says it's 0.9091.


      I know that Kona has specific plugins to work with the Adobe products, and it's running the current version. Could this be an issue with their plugins or do I have to completely change my workflow on the Mac and all my footage comes in anamorphic? It would be crazy if I have to scale the width of all my footage everytime, I'll always wind up with slight blurred output.