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    Converting indesign to fla files using CS 5 issues


      I am currently having font problems when i convert indesign files using indesign CS5 to .fla using a mac.(The indesign files are not done using indesign CS 5. )

      When exporting, I chose "Flash Classic text" as the alignment for TLF text will run.


      It looks fine in indesign but after conversion, here are some of the issues:

      • Instead of one paragraph in one textbox, it is broken into one sentence or even one word or alphabet.
      • Some alphabet in a sentence or the whole paragraphs become image and the text is not longer editable. This is especially so for these 2 alphabet "fi".
      • Alignment in indesign is justify but after conversion, as sentence was broken up, the alignment ran.


      Need advice if there are particular text format that should be used in indesign. Currently, I have to manually copy and paste each textbox to the main textbox and type in those text that become images. I need all text to be editable when I open in fla and also in the some position as the indesign file.


      Can anyone advise? Thanks.