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    Pause does not work

      I am using Captivate 2 and when I am recording a session I would like to pause but when I press the pause/break key on my keyboard nothing happens. The instructions say to do this but so far it has not worked for me. When I press the End key this works OK. Any help would be appreciated.
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          DilbertG Adobe Employee
          You may try changing the pause key to some other key. There was one more post in the forum, where full motion recording key F9 was not working for the user. So he changed it to some other key combination, and it started working for him. May be you can also give it a try. To change the recording key settings go to Options-->Recording Options-->Change Recording Keys.

          Also make sure that by mistake you dont press the pause key twice, because then it will resume the recording.

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            DilbertG Adobe Employee
            Also to make sure, what you are trying to achieve with Pause and what Captivate offers with Pause, both are in sync, please read the help document.

            In help, go to Creating Projects-->About Planning Projects-->Pausing while recording projects.