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    Which flash player to export to is best in compatibility.


      I develop these site in PHP BB BMW Dubai and Porsche Dubai but failed to rotate images in top banner. After lot of dissapointment,  i recently converted that baner with 6 small pictures than 2 big  pictures (previously).


      Now im thinking of changing or  rotating those 6 pictures in flash. So my question is which flash player  is the bestest to export to, i mean level fl5,6,7,8. I dont wanna  export at most recent as it might bug users to upgrade their old flash  player, when they browse my content.


      Also please let me  know if there are known issues anyone knows about PHPbb stuff with  flash files. I will be experimenting this for first time. As in Dubai at  least i have not seen any one site using flash in PHP BB, as people  dont detailing attention to community board.


      Thanks in advance.