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    ADE books to Pocketbook IQ problem



      I bought a Pocketbook iq 701. I had to install ADE, so I did. I downloaded some purchased books and added them nicely to the pocketbook. It all worked.

      Now, I bought a bigger sd card, for more apps and books. When I try to copy the books from ADE to my pocketbook, it keeps on saying that I have no rights to copy the book. They are no longer found on my pocketbook, but it won't work.

      I go for a vacation on sunday the 11th, bought the e-reader for this case, but well, no books means no reading.

      Who can help?


      Marit from Holland.


      Still no one who can help?

      Please ....

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          Get a new book reader import into the book reader If that don't work export the ADE reader to a pic convert it to pay and then resent it to your android. If not ask for Alex in the customer support line and he will assist you. If your issue is related to the converso poo not process ask for fanny. if the issue is related to the age pocketbook ask for steven.