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    PADES-LTV Document timestamp verification error




      I have a signed pdf document which includes PADES-LTV signture with a Document timestamp signature.


      When I try to open the signed document with Adobe reader version, signature is validated however Document timestamp signature can not be verified. It says: At least one signature requires validating on the top bar. When I look at the Signatures section on the left, It says: Signer's identity is invalid because it has expired or is not yet valid. If I try to open the signature details of the document timestamp, Adobe reader crashes. (I submitted a bug report for this issue but I have not received any response yet)


      When I open the signed document with Adobe Acrobat X pro and view the details of the document timestamp signature, this value "1970/01/01 03:00:00 +03'00'" is displayed in the signature date field. Actually, Date field should be Not available since ETSI 102 778-4 V1.1.2 says: In the document timestamp dictionary Name, M, Location, Reason and contact info should not be present.


      Why does the adobe reader shows this value 1970/01/01 03:00:00 +03'00' instead of Not Available?


      What can be wrong?