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    File Information in PDF Output

    Ken Krugh

      Does anyone know why InDesign is putting the file info outside of the crop marks? Screen shot below:


      We have an outside slug area of 24 pts defined and at first I thought it was going to that but it is actually about 4pts IN from that. We've also done that same thing with the slug area on other files but they always put the file info on the inside of the crop marks.


      I think it might just be that the small trim trim (just 4.25 inches wide) is simply too small. When I output as spreads, it puts the info inside the crops on the spread pages but not on the single pages.


      However, when I output as spreads I don't get the file name from CS3, only the page number as shown in the below screen shot.


      Does anyone know if not including the filename is a bug in CS3? CS5 seems to output the filename as I would expect.


      For anyone who cares: On a couple of series we do we take InDesign's PDF output and manipulate it for various things, sometimes cropping the sides of the pages tight to the crop marks. With InDesign putting the file info outside the crops we can't do that without lopping off the crop marks.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.