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    Warnings Mode has a diabolically, insanely huge effect on compile time


      Check this FLA out:



      It just has a bunch of images in movieclips with the linkage turned on so that they automatically generate classes. There are 400 of them, so 400 classes.


      Now compile it. Warnings Mode is on.

      Takes 74 secs on my machine.


      Now go into Publish Settings, click the spanner next to Actionscript 3, and uncheck the Warnings Mode checkbox. Ok, Ok, and recompile.

      Now takes about 1 sec to compile.




      What is causing Warnings Mode to have such a hideously painful side effect? We have been suffering totally pointlessly over long compile times for months. Something is seriously wrong with Warnings Mode to cause this to happen.


      I think that either

      (1) the bug with warnings mode should be fixed

      (2) warnings mode should be turned off by default

      (3) or the interface should let you know that it is wasting your time and offer to switch it off for large projects


      Seriously, WHAT.