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    Audio samples rate


      Hello ,

      Can someone tell me wht are the samples rate of audio files suported in Flex ?

      I try to play wav files, and i tried with 44100 hz and it is ok, but another file that have 8000 is not played good.

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          med_sim_ Level 1

          Maybe i wasn't realy explicit in what i asked.

          I used library as3wavsound to play wav audio files. And i noticed that files with samples 11025,22050,44100 are played ok, but 8000 and 16000 not. Also i found an article where is written that Flex supports only the frequences wrote above, but i couldn't find this information on Adobe documentation.

          Maybe someone knows if it is possible to play a wav file at fquency of 8 and 16 kHz and some examples maybe??