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    Problems with uninstalling and updating Adobe Reader 9.x

    Drest Kamal Quigg

      I have an issue with updating Adobe Reader 9.4.5. I get regularly automatic update routines and success reports after I ran them. However, when I open Adobe Reader it still shows up as version 9.4.5. So I tried to uninstall Adobe Reader completely. First of all, in the software panel two Adobe Reader versions show up: 9.4.5 & 9.3.5. Of those two, I could only uninstall the Adobe Reader 9.4.5. The 9.3.5 version doesn't sucessfully enter into an uninstall routine. As my computer expertise is limited, I don't know if there are other ways to remove that program successfully. Another odd thing is that when I open Adobe Reader, the version displayed is 9.4.5 although that was the one which seems to have uninstalled correctly. As you see, it's all a bit of a mess and I would appreciate your help with addressing this issues. Many thanks in advance.