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    InDesign 5 issue


      When moving my document around via the hand tool, everything that is not directly shown/or displayed is greyed out and we need to wait until it refreshes and displays, then as soon as we move the document again (even back to the original view) we get the greyed out text and graphics. I have opened the same document in InDesign 3 and we do not see any of this happening and we are used to this.


      We need ID5 to work the same if not better than ID3. All PC's are speced up well above requirements and it has left the department confused and fustrated, as we can't seem to remedy this issue. We are currently using our old ID3 as we have no issues with that.


      any help welcome, is there setting we may have overlooked etc?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do you mean ID 3 and ID 5, which are CS and CS3, respectively, or CS3 and CS5?


          CS5 introduced something called Live Screen Drawing, and it causes problems on many systems. You should go to the preferences and reset it to Delayed to emulate CS3.