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    MXAdvancedDataGridItemRenderer not working on child nodes

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      I have a Spark application that leverages a class that is extended from mx:AdvancedDataGrid.


      In the constructor of the ADG class, I am implementing my item renderers using the following


      var r1:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider = new AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider();
      r1.columnIndex = 1;
      r1.renderer = new ClassFactory(ConfigurationFeatureRenderer);
      var r2:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider = new AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider();
      r2.columnIndex = 2;
      r2.renderer = new ClassFactory(ConfigurationPriorityRenderer);

      this.rendererProviders = [r1,r2];


      The classes ConfigurationFeatureRenderer and ConfigurationPriorityRenderer are MXML components based on s:MXAdvancedDataGridItemRenderer.


      ConfigurationFeatureRenderer contains an s:CheckBox and s:ComboBox.


      ConfigurationPriorityRenderer contains an s:NumericStepper.


      Here's my problem.  The ItemRenderer is working as expected for root level items, but for child nodes it is not.


      The ItemRenderer for child nodes is often mistakenly displaying items that are in the root level.


      Can someone offer me some counsel or guidance on fixing this problem?  I have spent hours trying to fix this with no success.