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    Help wanted with not working (playback problem) system


      Hi all,

      After trying, and reading about everything there is, i'll post my question here, in the hope you have some ideas to get it runnenig ok.


      Problem: MOV play fine in Quicktime, VLC, mediaplayer etc, but in premiere there is every 8 to 26 sconds a small jump in playing. I tried to recreate this, by cutting away frames, and the jump seems to be around 12 to 18 frames. The jumps are not on a fixed place in the clip. The jumps appears in the small preview screen, source & sequence screen. The MOV clips are from a 5D mark II, with firmware from 2.0.4 to 2.0.9 aswell with or without Magic Lantern.



      Intel Core I7 6 Core CPU 970@3.20Ghz, 12 Gb Ram, 64 bit Windows 7 Pro + Sp1, Vertex Limited 100 Gb SSD for System and Programs
      Asrock X58 Extreme 6 motherboard, 2 x 1 TB as Raid 0 on Marvell onboard Raidcontroller, 3 x 1 Tb as Raid 5 on Intel onboard Raidcontroller, 2 x 1 Tb as separate disks, Evga Geforce 285GTX. 4 Gb.


      Things I tried with no results after reading a lot of info:

      Settings in Premiere: Mercury Engine, soft & hardware.

      Different places for pagefile, media, mediacache, previews etc and tried CS 5 and 5.5.

      Differents sequence settings, Renaming filins to mpeg, Different Ram settings.

      Than i started to kill unnecessary programs and tasks, and after that deleting unnecessary programs.

      Changed the graphicdriver to the latest, and older ones.

      Than killed the raid drives, and installed new system, SP1 and premiere. Installed clean system on a 1TB disk.

      Even a system running on the onboard VGA driver had te same problem.


      So, what else can i do or try? Before this machine drops off a balcony:-)


      Many thanks in advance for your replies.