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    Why does Fireworks CS5 not show in Adobe Extension Manager CS5.5?

    Jens Eckervogt



      I have problem with Extension Manager CS5.5.


      But i have been found worng version of Extension Manager CS5. How do i move to new version of Extension Manager CS5.5?


      I have been found help but it can not work while i am using command


      http://help.adobe.com/de_DE/extensionmanager/cs/using/WSB4845EDD-14E5-476a-B749-FF328830D1 4F.html


      i have been tried ..


      look like this "Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe" -enable product="Fireworks CS5" extension="Fireworks CS5"

      But Extension Manager CS5.5 does not show "Fireworks CS5?


      How do i fix this?