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    Page side and Sections

    xmlapi Level 1

      My document has the following structure:

      Cover Page - Section 1

      Inside Cover Page

      Preface Page - Section 2

      TOC Page

      Content Page - Section 3

      Inside Back Cover Page

      Back Page - Section 4



      The problem is, whenever I create a section, the page always starts on the right side. Because of this, the page number (master template) is displayed on the right on a "left page". How do I make it start on the side that depends on the prev page? (is it possible to use a script to do this)


      If this is complex, is there anyway to use manual page numbering through scripting BUT also support TOC linking and the proper page number display in the acrobat reader nav tool.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Without seeing the nmber of pages in each section, it's hard to know what's going on, but here's some general information.


          Page "sidedness" in ID is normally controlled by the page number. You have to jump through some hoops with disallowing shuffling to get an even number page on the right and an odd on the left. So two things come to mind....


          Either you are continuing numbering from the previous section and numbers are falling correctly according to how many pages are in a section (do you see any spots where a right or left page is followed by another right or left page in the pages panel? you shouldn't), or you've set a start number for the section that is not appropriate for the "sidedness" of the page (you would see two lefts or two rights together) and you should add a blank page or change thew start number or set it to continue from previous.