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    Workspace App


      Is there a workspace mobile app for android/iphone in the works?

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          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

          Good day,


          This is a great idea & feature request.  As such I have moved it to the Acrobat.com ideas forum.


          At this time, there is no workspace mobile app for Android/iPhone, but we certainly appreciate the suggestion and the idea will be shared with our engineering team.


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            I have considered going with all adobe products for my team.  I just not able to do this with out access to files using andriod devices.  The flash player issues will not allow us to even use the browsers to get to files.

            This limits team members and clients so much that we would have difficulties making the move.  To eliminate devices from service actually limits customer use.  Andriod devices are often cheaper and as reliable as iphone.  And the iphone screen size makes document edit and view difficult.  Please make andriod devices able to get to the work spaces