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    Adobe Reader is locking up Windows 7


      Good morning all,


      I have been doing some digging on this one and have had no joy so far. We are deploying Windows 7 in our office and I have one user, and only one who is having problems.


      They had Adobe Reader X installed and they began to have problems with it after they were upgraded to WIN 7. When they went to print a PDF it started to lock their PC for 3-5 minutes after which they were able to continue with their work.


      This behavior is internmittent in that it does not happen with every PDF and typically only happens once a day. Some times  it is the first PDF of the day, sometimes in the middle of the day, but once it happens it does not happen again in the same day. Sometimes the user does not experience the problem for several days. We have been unsuccessful in determining any pattern or any particular in which this users machine is environmentally different from any other users machine.


      No other users are experiencing this problem.


      The user has a laptop and shuts it down to take home each night and starts the box fresh in the office each day.


      Lately this behavior has extended to when the user just opens a PDF. Their laptop will freeze for 3-5 minutes and then they can continue with their work.


      Based upon a very few articles we have found on the subject, we have tried a couple of things without success:

      • We have tried clearing the Adobe Reader cache
      • We have uninstalled Reader X and replaced it with Reader 9x


      We are hoping that someone out there who has seen something like this before and can suggest some environmental or proceedural thing that we have missed. This one is driving us crazy.


      Thanks in advance for any help.