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    Flex 2 Requirements for showing Demos

      Hello there!
      I made a small flex demo for my boss, to show him technology we could employ besides Old School HTML and Ajaxian stuff. He was impressed, but asked me what kind of setup the "Sales Guys" would need to demo my prototypes. I wasn't sure. I mean, I know you need a browser, and the browser needs the latest Flashplayer (version 9), but I have also discovered that my own demo didn't work unless I had a server running and ran it through "localhost".

      That is, when I dragged my HTML pages (that hold the Flex stuff) into IE, they crapped out. I was using a datagrid that pulled an XML file from a subdirectory, and it would throw errors unless I used localhost with IIS, which is the server I run on my own machine.

      So..... I am assuming that our sales guys will need to be running some sort of server to demo the stuff I make that accesses external data. Any other requirements you can think of?

      And what is this $20,000/CPU for Enterprise Edition for the "Flex Data Services Express" stuff? I am assuming that if we buy the Flexbuilder 2 package, that is all we need to deploy my demos, right? The $20k thingy is for hardcore development on the backend, right? Not a requirement, but something you might want to have for data-intensive applications, right?

      Thanks for any info you can give me,
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          leotemp Level 1
          You don't need any of that stuff. You don't need a browser just flash9 you can play flex apps as standalone applications and more over you can embed that data directly in your application so you dont have to mess around with loading it from a server. To embed data:
          <mx:XML id="myData" source="xmlFolder/XML.File"/>

          You dont have to buy anything to author flex, the sdk is free, flex builder is an IDE and can make the learning curve allot easier.