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    I have missing links in my indesign files! help!


      So, I have taught myself to use Indesign to paginate a 300 paged catalog.  This catalog was sent to me in indesign files, there are about twelve different files/sections.  The files came from the printer and I assumed that they were print ready from the previous years catalog.  There are about 100 pages that were still used in my design for 2011, but here is the problem... For whatever reason the printer only sent me the indesign files, and not the packaged links for the files.  I manipulated these indesign files into the new catalog, thinking all would be well.  BUT, the printer cant print anything because the links aren't with document.. My question is, if I can get the packaged links from the original Indesign files, is there a way that I can link the missing links from the old indesign files to the new catalog files?  PLEASE say yes... and that it won't take more than a day to do it for 2 or 3 hundred pages.