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    WSOD (White Screen Of Death)

    Devtron Level 3

      Hi, I have a FLEX 4.0 application that has been in production for some time now. It has been working well but recently we upgraded to the 4.5 framework.


      Around this time we started experiencing (what I call) the WSOD (White Screen of Death).


      Normally our application loads a login screen (MXML). Now sometimes it doesnt, it just hangs with a big white area.


      The HTML wrapper is fine, its just the SWF that wont load. Sometimes it happens on a fresh HTTP request, sometimes it only happens with a browser refresh. (it does not appear to be a browser caching problem is my point)


      It seems to work better in Safari, whereas Firefox and IE are 85% of the time displaying the WSOD.


      When it does happen in Safari, I could see an error message being displayed *briefly* BEHIND the WSOD. That message is specific to our app and is usually caused when external dependencies cannot be found or loaded (like an XML configuration file). We have used an XML configuration file successfully with the 4.0 framework. That file is hosted outside of the sandbox, in a secure place. If the file is not found, the entire app is disabled. The reason I mention this is because it behaves like it's not there in the 4.5 framework. This is only an assumption and I am still trying to figure this out.


      My questions are:


      1.) Is anyone else experiencing this WSOD?

      2.) Could it be RSL's and the way they have been reworked in 4.5?

      3.) Is this a framework specific problem? (We migrated many of our components to 4.5, this would be catastrophic for us)

      4.) Is this a javascript bug?

      5.) What else could cause WSOD or bad RSL loading?


      Any help or feedback is appreciated. Thanks...