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    jagged graphics worked as fxg in flash builder




      I have a question, I created my skins buttons in flash player and exported them to fxg files, the I used the fxg files in Flash Builder, but when the application runs, the graphics seems jagged.


      I am looking for an answer about setting up the anti-aliasing, but I always find that it is only for text and that graphics in flash player never lose quality.


      Please if anyone knows about it please let me know.



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          Jason Szeto Level 3

          In general, try to avoid using strokes in your FXG. If you have rounded corners, then try using a Path with a hole cut out of it. In general, Illustrator and Fireworks do a decent job of exporting the FXG.


          You can also emulate a rectangle with a stroke and fill by creating two Rects with fills. The "fill" Rect should sit on top of the "border" Rect and be inset by the border thickness.


          The spark.skins.mobile240.assets folder has a bunch of examples of FXG used by the framework. These should provide some good guidelines.


          Also, make sure you have setup your scaleGrid properties on the Graphics tag.