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    Premiere and Kona tape capture HDD5/Digibeta

    Sausagehead5 Level 1
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      Looking at Premiere CS5.5 as a replacement for Final Cut.

      I have a project open and everything is fine, It's time to capture from  tape(Panasonic HDD5), I open the capture tool and set all of the proper  settings, I can control the deck, see video in my monitors etc., but  when I hit the record button the deck cues back...and parks.

      My first reaction is to look to see what deck template I'm using,  that's when I realize no where in the capture settings do I see anywhere  to tell it which deck I'm using, how do I choose a deck setting when  using Premier Pro CS5 and Kona 8.1.2

      Mac OsX 10.6.