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    Can one jump to time in nested sequence

    gishnetwork Level 1

      I have two sequences, SEQ-A and SEQ-B, and SEQ-B is included (nested) inside SEQ-A.


      If I am watching SEQ-A and and find a point in time I need to change something in SEQ-B, how I can go to SEQ-B at the point in time I am watching in SEQ-A? How can I know "what time it is" in SEQ-B? Seems like I should be able to see that - it seems very pertinent.


      I hope I am explaining it correctly. Basically, the CTI in SEQ-A may not always reflect the same point in time in SEQ-B. I can't imagine I am left to guess where I should go to do a precise edit in SEQ-B.


      I know there must be a way.