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    place a controls like button on the page

    iccsi Level 1

      I would like to place some contorls on the page. I find that I can insert CF command, but I do not see any command that I can place controls on the form and do some code on click event or any event associate to the control.



      your information is great appreciated,




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          ilssac Level 5

          You are miss understanding the purpose of ColdFusion.


          ColdFusion is a server side technology. 90% of the functionality built into ColdFusion is designed to hand what happens on the server between web requests.


          For user interface controls, most of us use HTML, JavaScript and a growing number of Flash|Action Script technologies.


          There are some ColdFusion tags that DO generate some User Interface elements for you, but the tend to be for more advanced items like grids, calendars, ect.


          A simple button, there isn't much reason to re-invent the HTML wheel of the <input type="button"....> tag.  Though there is the <cfinput type="button"...> tag that may give you some more functionality.


          I am not actually sure I have ever used a <cfinput type="button"...> tag before.