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    Another "Will CUDA Help?" Thread

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      Hey folks -


      In this thread, Colin helped me understand how to do PiPs with multicam.  What I'm curious now is: will the CUDA processors on an nVidia card actually help me any with that sort of thing?


      I did a test this evening taking two copies of the exact same AVCHD footage ... around 20 minutes worth of it.  I synced the copies up with the WAV track from my sound recorder, and then set about doing the multicam edit.  That included shrinking camera 2 down to 45% of its original size and overlaying it on top of the lower right corner of the camera 1 output.  Then exporting it to 1080p h.264 MPEG4.  Total time for the export: about 1h20m.  Six times as long as the video itself.  Of note: the multicam edit sequence had a red bar over the entire timeline.


      The next test I did was to just sync one copy of the video up with the WAV and then export that one in the same format: it took about 20 minutes or so.  Basically: real time.  This sequence had a yellow bar over the entire timeline.


      I know there are optimizations I can make to the system re: disk drives and where certain cache files are put.  That's a process I'm going to work on as hardware arrives from various online vendors.  But what I don't know is: is it worth my money to buy a CUDA-enabled card?  Or will it not help me at all with that multicam/PiP thing?





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          Duh.  This probably belongs in the Hardware forum.  Mods, feel free to move it if necessary.  Sorry 'bout that.



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            Some of us have found that when in the Multicam mode, the images are significantly degraded whith CUDA hardware ON. This pixelization disappears when CUDA  is selected as software NOT the original hardware setting. But to be fair, when Multicam is turned off, and CUDA is set to hardware, the image looks fine. Its almost like Multicam doesnt like hardware CUDA .

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              Looks like I answered my own question by performing a bit of an experiment with my Windows gaming rig.  Said rig has an "old" GTX295 in it which isn't supported out of the box by Premiere.  I downloaded a trial of the Windows version of Premiere, did the text file edit so that my GTX was used, and then did the video edit.  The same, exact video I tested on my Mac exported in near real time with the CUDA-enabled card, even with PiP enabled.


              So yeah, CUDA helps with this specific challenge.