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    Using Text Tool / Titles Slows Down Editing Significantly

    Chupamirtodorado Level 1

      When I add in text using the text tool on PrEl 9, the video playback becomes very choppy.  This is whether the text has animation (movement of any kind) to it or even if it just stands still. Wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong.  Otherwise, I can simultaneously play two purely video tracks with no problem, it seems to be only a text tool thing...any ideas anyone? 


      My System: HP, Windows 7, AMD 6-core 2.8ghz processor, 6g RAM


      Thanks - JD

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The single most important step is to ensure that your project's settings match your source video.


          What type of camcorder is your video coming from and how did you get it onto your computer?


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          Non-camcorder video can be a bit iffier though, since the program isn't really designed to work with it and it can often include difficult codecs to work with.


          But setting up your project properly can take you about 90% of the way toward getting great results from your projects. My books offer much more detailed information and step by step instructions, if you're interested.

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            N9JCR Level 2

            In addition to Steve's suggestions, it sounds like adding text may now require rendering - make sure there is either no line or a green horizontal line above the highest video track in the Timeline.   If there is, press ENTER or pick Timeline > Render Work Area from the menu.  If the red line won't go away, your work area may not include the whole timeline.


            If that doesn't take care of it, is the playback only poor in the parts of the timeline where there is text or is it the whole timeline?