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    Automatic Page number link for photo?

    mckayk_777 Level 2

      G'day all,


      Indesign CS4 on Mac


      Need to know if there is a way to link a line of text with a page number in it to automatically alter if the linked photo should change pages.


      ie: (and sorry if this is not clear, not even sure how to ask this one)

      I have a 300 page book I have to layout that have photos all the way through it some grey some colour, the colour photos we will be putting all together in the middle of the book, there will be place holders inbeded into the story where the photos where originally and would like these place holders to have a page number that updates automatially to where the photo goes and also the page with the colour photos to have a place holder to say this photo came from such and such page and to have both these to update automatically as the text reflows.

      Is this possible.

      Bassically something like a TOC but not