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    About NetStreamMulticastInfo.sendDataBytesPerSecond


      Hello, I am now testing flash p2p by using Netstream.send() api. I send 3KB data every 100ms.

      In order to know the upload data rate, I print the NetStreamMulticastInfo.sendDataBytesPerSecond

      every second and draw the line. I also use whireshark to listen

      to the udp port flash uses and show the IO graphs. But I find the two results are totally different. The

      sendDataBytesPerSecond is around 5 Kbytes per second while the wireshark shows the upload

      rate is about 25~30 Kbytes which  consists with my expectation. So I want to ask if sendDataBytesPerSecond

      does not represent the true data rate when using send() api.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          netStream.multicastInfo.sendDataBytesPerSecond should reflect the data rate for the media of a multicast stream (including NetStream.send() and all audio and video). i just whipped up an example and it shows 25-30KB/sec for me.


          if you are doing a 1:1 DIRECT_CONNECTIONS NetStream, the multicastInfo properties are undefined of course. i assume you're doing P2P multicast in a group.


          if you're looking at the sendDataBytesPerSecond at a peer that's not the original publisher and there are more than two peers in the group, then you might see more or less than 25-30KB/sec depending on how the peers have automatically divvied up the work. for example, if there are three peers in the group and you're looking at a not-publisher peer, most likely the publisher will be sending all the data to both of the other peers and they will have a 0 sendDataBytesPerSecond.