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    [searching] More powerful incremental save script

    dzisign Level 1

      Hey dear community,


      I am currently improving our pipeline and stumbled across AEs "Increment and Save". It kind of goes into the right direction but I need a more complex function. I got to know this incremental save workflow from Maya. Whenever you press ctrl+s or File/Save AE shall create a version in a subfolder called "IncrementalSaves" leaving the file name of the Scene your working on the same.



      1) Artist A works on a project file called "001_sh01.aep"

      2) Artist A saves the script. AE puts a copy of the file named "001_sh01_v001.aep" into the folder "IncrementalSaves"

      3) Artist A keeps on working on "001_sh01.aep"

      4) Artist A saves his work again. AE saves a copy of the project named "001_sh01_v002.aep" into the folder "IncrementalSaves"

      5) Artist A keeps on working on "001_sh01.aep"

      6) you know how it continues


      The advantage is that the last version of a project file doesn't change its name, so other pipeline tools can easily link to the latest file without checking for "v###". Does anyone know such a script? Surprisingly, I didn't find anything via google or the forum search. Did no one ever needed such a script? Or does no one share it? Any help or hint is highly appreciated. Found a working python script for Nuke though.


      Thanks a lot! Best regards,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm sure it could be done relatively easy by modifying some existing project saving script - after all, you only need to modify the naming logic - but off hand I'm not aware that anyone ever bothered to explicitly create one liek you need. Probably too trivial and most studios that may need it slap it together in 5 minutes specifically set up to their needs...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I haven't quite figured out what I think of your workflow idea. Versioning can be a challenge especially when you start versioning components of a project. I'm working on a project this morning that's gone through 6 major revisions to a logo included in about 20 delivered projects where there are a easily over a hundred uses of the logo.


            It seems to me that the best option for a versioning script would be a simple UI panel that just saved a copy of your current project with an incremental name in a defined folder when you pressed the button. I'd want to tie a date to the filename rather than just a number. For versioning documents and contracts we use the a yeardaydate format so sorting alphabetically sorts by date. IOW clientNotes110909.doc would be the notes doc for today. If there were more than one version for the day I'd add a letter so the file name would be clientNotes110909a.doc then clientNotes110909b.doc. That's the way I still handle ongoing communication but I've found a much easier way to handle versioning.


            I manage my projects with Gridiorn flow. It automates the process completely. I can't tell you how much time it's saved. The free version provides the best resource tracking I've ever seen and 4GB of cloud storage and the ability to sync projects between users. You can add paid services to track the time, versions, and add more storage. The enterprise version adds support for more artists at a budget just about any work for hire can easily justify. On the last collaborative project I worked on Flow provided time tracking for about 1/10 the cost of traditional bookkeeping charges just for generating the invoice. I'd check it out HERE. Updating the 20 projects mentioned above was a simple matter of changing one file then re-rendering the output. Took me about 20 minutes. Billed the client for a half a day. Before Flow I would have been at it for a couple of days and would have probably missed something.

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              dzisign Level 1

              Thanks for your answers. The idea with the button is exactly what I am looking for (shortcut or button is irrelevant in my case). How the version is named is not as important for now, too. Most important function is to copy the version to the defined folder (and better: create this folder if it doesn't exist). Another third party app like Flow isn't interesting for us. Hoped that someone created such a script and would like to share

              I'll post as soon as I found a solution.


              EDIT: I have a button now, that initiates the incremental save (modified a script from Sam Winkler, thanks for sharing!). The major problem is, that the artist shall work on one file that's always called the same. That's why I need AE to save a copy via script. Is there a function like app.project.saveCopy?


              Thank you again and with best regards,