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    Sketchsta Level 1
      His guys, im doing this form in flash where after you click on "submit" flash waits for the php file to get the text, then moves to next frame and stops...

      this works no problem when i open the swf on its own...but if i import it into a movieClipLoader it wount work anymore... it still sends the email like normal, but it wount move to the next frame...

      i tried to cheat and add a nextFrame in the on(release) command, but that actually stops flash comunicating with the PHP file...

      ahhh.... this for is giving me sooOooOo much grief.... i need some help to just get it out of the way..
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          what timeline/movieclip is receiving the data and which movieclip has the data event attached to it?
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            evrything was working fine earlier today... it was sending email, it was moving to the next frame after sending data to the php... it was doing evrything right..

            then i put it into the site, and although it was still working, it wasnt showing any of the dynamic text... i fixed that problem now, but after doing that.... the onClipEvent(data) doesnt work anymore... also what i noticed, is that NOW when i press the [TAB] key, it selects the buttons i have in the flash site...

            This thing is driving me NUTS!!!!
            ALWAYS just another problem, ive spent something close to 3 days on this thing now.. =(

            I NEED SALVATION!!!!!
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              Sketchsta Level 1
              the TEXT FIELD has the onClipEvent(data) on it, and its in the _root timeline the submit button has a loadVariables command on it... both are in _root timeline
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                Sketchsta Level 1
                the site works like.... site has movieClipLoader---this loads a preLoader---which loads the contact us page, which is the form.

                the onClipEvent is in _root timeline of the contact us page.
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                  Sketchsta Level 1
                  kglad, ive been reading afew of the topics now, and evrywhere i see satisfied people who got they're answers, you were there too...

                  you must be god sent to this forum =)

                  so i know im in good hands when i see your posts... =)
                  this is probably easy as pie to you, while it drives me crazy...
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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    the textfield must be in a movieclip because a textfield cannot have an attached clipEvent. and the load variables statement needs to reference that movieclip (or be on the movieclip's timeline).
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                      Sketchsta Level 1
                      yeah the text field IS a movie clip... sorry i should have said that in the first place..and its got onClipEvent(data) {_root.nextFrame();} its all on the _root timeline...
                      the text movieclip instance is form the buttons code is on(release) { form.loadVariables("email.php", "POST");} so, yes it is targeting the text...

                      it was working earlier... only now its not... and i dont know why... the only thing i did was embed some text inside each text field... after that it started not working, and not sending emails, and even the [TAB] button now chooses the buttons in the flash site... its all gone crazy on me...