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    Speed up 3D-Annotation




      I have a 3D-annotation in my PDF (actually there's nothing else there). Admittedly, its quite big a file (38MB). But the computer I use for displaying it is a monster and should be able to handle it (Xeon W3565-> quadcore@3.2GHz, 6GB ram, ATI X1300 with 3GB, DirectX11 installed) . However, the performance is totally crappy! On my old PC it runs quite smoothly (Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz single core, 2GB ram, NVIDIA Quardro FX 1400 with 128 MB, DirectX 9c).


      Of course, I checked that the setting for the renderer is "DirectX 9" (highest option given) and all other settings are ReaderX default.


      What could be the problem here?

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Define "crappy". Is it slow to open, or jerky to navigate, or are the meshes degrading to bounding boxes?


          There's always a compression delay when a 3D scene opens, and as Acrobat is a 32-bit application none of your extra cores, RAM, etc. have any bearing on the matter.

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            ForrestGimp Level 1

            By "crappy" I mean I get about 10 frames (or less) when trying to turn around my model. Zooming actions are performing a bit better. Having the reduction-options set to bounding-box below 15 frames doesn't really improve performance in navigation, though meshes are displayed as bounding boxes when I try to navigate. Though Reader isn't that much dependant upon ram and processor-configuration, I pointed that out to emphasize that it's actually not a problem of hardware-performance. The real question is: why is there a problem with the new PC that isn't there with the old one?


            Could it be a problem with the graphics-card or directX 11?

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              ForrestGimp Level 1



              At least we have managed to narrow it down. It is infact a problem of the afore mentioned ATI X1300 - graphics-card. The Problem is independent of any other hardware and the operating-system.


              To confirm this we took out our screwdrivers and swapped the graphics-cards.


              We moved the card from the new PC (which was running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit)  to the old PC (which runs on Windows XP Professional 32-bit). As mentioned before, the old PC was able to run the file smoothly with its old graphics-card. With the new one it couldn't.


              On the other side the new PC can now run the file smoothly with the old graphics-card.


              So the performance-problems could be due to either

              1) the newest version of the ATI-Catalyst-Driver that was used or

              2) the card istself that doesn't fully support the DirectX-features required for Acrobat-3D-annotations to run smoothly. (though it claims to fully support DirectX)