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    update a field in another table when inserting record

    gargiulo70 Level 1

      Hi all,
      I have two tables in a mysql db:

      TABLE A (classroom)
      id_cla [int(3)]
      name_cla [varchar(255)]
      seats_cla [int(3)]
      max_seats_cla [int(3)]

      TABLE B (students)
      id_stu [int(3)]
      name_stu [varchar(255)]
      classroomid_stu [int(3)]

      I have a form where the student will be able to subscribe to a classroom.
      When the student will subscribe he will select the classroom from a dropdown menu.
      Once he submits the form a record will be inserted in Table B, containing student name and the choosen classroom; at the same time the seats_cla in Table A should be updated/incremented (adding 1 to the actual field content).
      Is there a way to do this with ADDT?

      TIA for any help.