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    Does Anyone anywhere publish an operators manual for Premier Elements?

    engirneer Level 1

      Yes, I can make a movie, it will play on my computer, on my DVD players, X - BOX,  etc.


      The problem is that results are not consistent.  I do not understand why the program does whatever it does.  The program is totally undocumented.  Tutorials seem to be more a sales pitch than information, or a sequence of steps that are difficult to see ( full screen does not increase the size) and most likely will not address my interest at the moment.  HELP in a lot of instances is non existent or not relevant.


      I would think that an organization as big as ADOBE would generate all the instruction they could and place it where anyone with a small amount of curiosity cannot avoid stumbling over it.  Or, even better include it as part of the program package.


      It appears that there are enough people who understand the program well enough to write at least a simple manual.  I don't understand why ADOBE hasn't.  Does anyone know where one can be found?


      Surely someone does.




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