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    When will Clip Groups be re-implemented?


      This is a (presumably simple but incredibly useful) feature I would have never expected to be lost in Audition 5.5 and I am really missing it. I was using it all the time in ealier versions. Especially when arranging long sessions, the tracks of a CD or the sound-events for a video, this is a must.


      Use Case Description:

      1. Select several clips accross multiple tracks.
        • If a selected clip belongs to a group, add the group to the selection strictly hierarchically (as a sub-group)
      2. Use a short cut (preferrably Ctrl-g) to create a group from the selection
        • Show the members of the group with one newly generated random color to immediately be able to distinguish the group from all other clips.
        • Lock relative positions of the clips while allowing movement of the group along the time axis.
        • Lock the position of the complete group, if at least one group member is locked at its position.
      3. Working with groups
        • Change display color of a group
        • Move a group along the time axis.
        • Copy/Paste groups as a whole keeping their hierarchichal structure.
        • Everything that works with selections
        • Nice to have:
          • snap at all membering clip's starts/ends
          • Single clip operations: render to new sample and replace clip
          • Render group to new track
      4. Split groups
        • Shortcut Ctrl-Shift-g
        • Release relative position lock on the highest level of the respective group hierarchy.
        • Give all membering clips and groups their original colors back (as before grouping)
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          hbergmeyer Level 1

          One additional word of motivation: It is more important to be able to lock the relative positions of clips among eachother than to lock positions to a timeline position. The letter could be generalized as relative locking to some virtual full-length master clip.

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            ThatJohnGuyy Level 1

            AMEN.... VERY usefull tool..... I'd like to see THAT... as well as SHORTCUT BAR and CLIP STRETCHING and the HYBRID TOOL


            I bought CS5 and used it for a day before deciding 3.0 was much easier to use....

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              BrandedChannels Adobe Community Professional

              I totally agree. Group Clips is a must-have feature when doing custom mixes. Continuously re-selecting multiple clips whenever you need to move them around is tedious.

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                I couldn't agree more. To tell you the truth, I came here for one single reason: to see if this embarrasing blunder on the devteams part had been corrected. I use 3.0 every single day and was fantastically excited about trying out 5.5. I spent several hours just cruising the new features, even laughing out loud (lol!) when I found ingenious features - both the ones I had been hoping for as well as several I didn't know I wanted until that moment. That's probably music in the developers ears, but then the whole joyride came to a sudden stop as I couldn't figure out how to group clips, a feature I use all the time. I went on trying for a long time, until I gave up and headed for the available supportmaterial and manuals. But I couldn't find out how to group clips for the bare life of me, so after I while a bad feeling came creeping over me. Did they really omit this feature? It couldn't be true. Then I started thinking there might be a bug with keyboard shortcuts, so I went in and tried to map the feature to a new key. No luck. So I started googling elsewhere, and found this board where my suspicions were confirmed. What can I say. I feel like a kid who's been playing with the worlds most awesome toy car, only to find out that the wheels don't spin. Fix it. I want to say "please", but then again I'm kind of pissed off right now. But I'm not impolite, so: pleeeeeease correct this mistake. The moment you do, I'll fork over my dollars and pay for the upgrade. Until then, the awesome toy car the developers have been working on for years simply sits in the driveway collecting dust from passing cars.

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                  _colin_ Adobe Employee

                  Check out our early Audition CS6 sneak peek...to answer the original request here, clip grouping is coming back and will include much more than Audition 3 had for grouping and related behaviors (e.g. we'll now have a way to "suspend" the group and resume the group to allow working with one clip w/o disturbing the others). The video has a quick look at it:




                  worth noting, you will now be able to change group color, perform many clip functions on the group (e.g. mute, trim, fades, lock, etc) as well as remove one clip from a group without doing an ungroup/regroup, add a clip (or clips) to the group and a few more actions I can't get in to yet.