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    Can someone explain this RAM preview behavior?


      The behavior of RAM preview in AE is not matching what my book or the Adobe help document says.  When I hit RAM preview, there is no audio and it resumes from wherever the RAM preview last was, completely ignoring the current time marker, even if I check the "Play from current time" option.  While it's playing it will occasionally play at several times normal speed.  It seems to be filling in blue bars with green ones and not caring where I want it to play because it has blue bars that it feels like being at.  Then if I hit RAM preview a 2nd time, it will continue playing from that position but now have audio and no time marker.  if I hit it a 3rd time, it stops. Sometimes hitting the space bar will cause it to go back to the beginning with audio.


      What in the world is going on with the 2 levels of hitting it to get audio the 2nd time?  How do I tell it where to play?  And what in the world are the blue bars?  Those aren't in the book and I can't find them online.  And why does it sometimes play super fast for a few frames when it's supposedly only "up to the full frame rate"


      I have 12 GB of RAM and it's not getting even close to maxing out.  It doesn't seem to be choking or anything.  It just seems to have psuedo-random behavior that does not conform to what is written about it.