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    Debugging BlazeDS application in Flash Builder 4

    Chris Lilley

      I have a Flex 3 application that talks to BlazeDS services running in Tomcat, and it's not had a great deal of work done on it lately.

      As I'm picking it up again, I'm migrating to Flash Builder 4 and SDK 4.5.1, while still using the Halo theme, but I am migrating tests

      to use Junit4. All seems to be going OK so far, and I have a build that runs successfully in a browser.


      For development, I run a local Tomcat, and I used to debug from Flex Builder 3 in Firefox. However, I can't work out how to do

      the same thing in Flash Builder 4. I've made associations between the .swf file type and Firefox, both in the OS X finder and in

      Flash Builder, but when I launch the application (run or debug) it resolutely opens in Flash Player debugger.


      For many applications that would be fine, but I get the Duplicate HTTP Session error because Flash Player doesn't support Session Cookies,

      so debugging in Flash Player is useless.


      Are there any simple fixes for this? I have managed to work round it by creating a debug configuration that opens a blank page

      and then open the SWF in Firefox and connect it to the waiting debugger, but it's really annoying to have to do that, especially if

      you're a bit slow and miss the debugger timeout.