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    Subversion, InDesign, and linked file problems




      I'm using InDesign to develop some wireframes for a large website project. I'm using the EightShapes Unify InDesign framework, which means I have about fifty wireframe documents, with one WF per file, plus a few component files (for common header, footer, etc) that are placed in all the wireframes. I also have a deliverable document that links all the wireframes together into one book.


      We just migrated the project from a shared Dropbox folder into Subversion. The problem we're seeing is that every time one person opens a file, InDesign says that the linked files have been updated. So if I open, say, the main wireframes deliverable document, InDesign says that all the components placed in every wireframe on every page need to be updated, even though I know they haven't changed. Then, if I open each of those files and update the links, that creates a change, which I then need to save back to Subversion. Then my friend updates from SVN and has the same problem.


      So, even though we have all the wireframes and components in separate INDD documents, every time we open, say, the main deliverable doc, we have to update links in every file in order to get the file to preflight correctly.


      Any way around this? Both of us on the project have an identical directory structure, and we check the files out into identical disk images on our machines.




      David Ham