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    Photoshop .jpgs not opening in InDesign


      I'm trying to place a .jpg into an InDesign frame but keep getting this message: either files does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application.


      The file is on the computer, I can open it in PS and I've rebooted InDesign on its own and so the file isn't being used elsewhere. With regards permissions, the PS 'Save As' didn't seem to have any security or permission settings that I may have accidently assigned. The file has come from a Mac, but it opened in my windows PS ok. Are there PS security settings I'm not aware of - or anything that someone else can shed light on?


      The photoshop files have come via Dropbox and were zipped. They opened fine in PS.


      I can put other PS files in the same InDesign frame no problem. Many thanks in nervous anticipation!