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    Issues with interactivity between component states and page states


      Hi there, I recently downloaded the trial of Catalyst 5.5 and am encountering the following problem:-


      I have many screens in my application and am attempting to get around the 20 state limit by creating custom components that contain multiple states that can be used as screens. So, I have created button links between the component states which work fine but have also created button links to and from the standard states of the application, which dont work upon running/publishing. I'm not quite sure whats wrong here as the button commands are pointing to the right place, i.e. they are pointing firstly to the specific custom component and then the state within the component, but its just not working.


      Is this a trial issue or something deeper?


      I really hope someone can help as apart from this issue I have been very happy with the application but if I can not find a solution theres no point in purchasing it.