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    FlexFileUpload_cb has stopped working correctly...


      ...since we switched to ColdFusion 9. Now, it only uploads one file of a multiple file set instead of going through the entire list and uploading all the files.   We finally got our servers switched over to ColdFusion 9 (yeah, I know "What took so long?).  Is anyone else using this ActionScript program created by Ryan Favro for multi-file uploads?  We've been using it for several years, since it was developed for Flex 2, and it was working fine, until we switched the CF side to CF9 - at least that's the only unifying thread that I can find between our two servers.  The Development side is using FlashBuilder 4, and the Production side is using Flex 3.  Both are using Flash Player 10, but both are now communicating with ColdFusion 9.  It was working on CF8 on the Production side.  We can't go back to CF8 because all of the other applications (other than the one that uses Flex need CF9).  Any perspective would be appreciated.