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    Linked File Path Changes-File Replication

    ndr111 Level 1

      hello all,

      we have two design studios one in China the other in the Texas. the servers are setup for File Replication to start overnight. the folder structure are identical between offices so that when the users in the Texas opens the InDesign file, image links should not get broken and the path should be intact. Well that's what we wanted to occur at least.


      What actually is happening is InDesign add the server name in front of the of the linked path when we open the file in Texas. For example when we open the file and check the link path of an image it looks like this \\servername\China\linked images. It should just be \China\linked images. i guess it changes from relative path to an absolute path when the Texas office opens the file. Is there a way around that? That server name creates massive headaches for both offices.


      Does anyone have any suggestion on a possible workaround?

      Thanks in advance for your help.