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    Source timecode resets to zero on HDV clips


      Premiere CS5.5  -  I'm editing a large project with 10 hours of interview clips captured in HDV.  Some of the clips are mysteriously resetting the source timecode to all zeros.  I need access to the original source timecodes for editing.  I've been on tech support twice with no solution.  The HDV deck I'm using is a Sony HVR-M10U.  In the Capture settings this deck happens to not be in the list for device types.  I am able to capture the video and the timecode was once originally there in the project window, but for some reason days later they disappear.  This is a recently installed system (Windows 7, HPZ400 tower)...we have 2 HD projects and one SD project loaded so far.  The SD project does not experience this problem...all the source timecode remains normal in that project.